Marketing within the real estate industry can be quite a challenge. It often takes years to build up a successful career where you’re earning a steady paycheck. Part of your climb to the top involves being able to market yourself effectively. There are many ways that you can choose to do this.

Launch Your Own Website

Commercial real estate is an extremely competitive business. To get your name and face out there, it is crucial to launch and maintain your own website. It should include each of your listings, all of which have to be updated in a timely manner. In addition, it’s always good to offer something extra on your website, that will entice potential clients to use your site as opposed to your competitors. 

Utilize Experiential Marketing

When you offer an experience that will get you noticed, it can go a long way to helping you increase your exposure in the industry. This can be as simple as hosting an open house, to as complicated as hosting a public event in the neighborhood you have the most listings in. Those looking to buy a house will be attracted to an event like this, and then you can start to network and grow your client base. 

Work Those Referrals 

When you do attract potential clients through a marketing event or other means, get to know them better. Connecting with someone you can successfully sell a house to is a great opportunity to start building up referrals. By acquiring clients who then recommend other clients to you, it can be easy to grow your business and establish trust in the neighborhoods where you sell houses. 

Make Video Contact 

Working in commercial real estate is all about familiarizing people with who you are and what you can do for them. A great way to achieve this is by creating and sharing videos. Use this tool to pitch your services and people will be able to see what you’re all about. Once they feel a connection with you, they’ll likely be able to help your business grow.

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