Inspired by the New Deal that dates back to the 1930’s when the United States was in the height of the Great Depression, the Green New Deal seeks to find better ways of using energy alternatives that will help reverse some of the effects of climate change. From a business and economic standpoint, the Green New Deal presents an interesting investment opportunity for those of us who want to see long term investments create long term financial returns (while also helping the planet.)

What is green energy?

In the simplest of terms, green energy refers to any type of energy that is considered renewable. Some examples of green energy are solar, wind, or geothermal energy. Maybe businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide their operations release into the atmosphere), so they are looking for alternative energy resources. This could be the use of electric cars and trucks for making deliveries or the installation of solar panels on factory or warehouse roofs for powering their operations.

How can you invest?

As a whole, the planet will not run out of oil or natural gas for many years, but people are expecting the use of such materials to decrease in popularity and overall usage before that happens. Early investment in renewable energy companies will get you a foot in the door before lawmakers begin looking at green energy as a potential requirement for big businesses. If you run a technology or engineering company, you can begin investing in new products to help others decrease their carbon footprint. The demand for such products is rising, so you may be surprised how much capital you can bring in.

What are the benefits for you?

Your business can qualify for several tax breaks if you use renewable sources of energy to power your plant, factory, or office building. You may also see a decrease in overall cost for energy. Products that are created with sustainability in mind or manufactured responsibly are growing in popularity with consumers too.

Why is it important?

The sooner businesses back renewable energy companies, products, and practices, the sooner these things will become more common place in society. Green energy is no longer a small corner of the market but a booming venture that investors and companies are willing to take a risk on.

Finding and then investing in green energy initiatives is a great way to expand your business’s interests or diversify your personal portfolio.