If your business has a mobile app, you’ll want to get it on as many phones as possible. It’s not as simple as submitting it to the app stores and waiting. To raise awareness of your app and ensure that the people who might find it useful can actually find it, you’re going to need a solid app marketing strategy. Of course, the primary focus should be on building an app that works well and provides real benefits to its users. Once you have that, here are a few things to do to really get your app noticed.

Show, Don’t Tell

Potential app users want to know what the app looks like and how it is going to function. You will need to generate some great copy that explains your app, along with why someone should choose it over the other available apps. Beyond that, it’s extremely important when you’re planning your app marketing to generate high-quality screenshots of your app in action. Let people see what all of the key screens are going to look like. Show them that it’s esthetically pleasing and well designed. They’re much more likely to believe it if they can see it.

Share Your Screenshots

Take those amazing new screenshots and share them widely on your social media platforms. Create Pinterest pins, share them with your Facebook audience, and be sure to include the photos and a write-up on your business website as well. App marketing is, in part, a numbers game. The more people who see your app, the more people will download it. Your app won’t be for everyone, and spreading news of it far and wide makes sure that as many people as possible who would be interested in it will find out about it.

Optimize Your Listing

You want to be sure that people who are searching for apps like yours will see your app first. Be sure to consider the keywords that people will use when they need an app that provides what yours provides. This is another app marketing strategy to get your listing in front of as many people as possible. People aren’t likely to scroll past the first page of search results, so be sure that they see yours with keyword optimization.

Building a great app is step one, but you also want people to use it. Develop a thorough app marketing strategy to be sure that people who can use your app will know it’s available.